Ghetto Disco a.k.a Kambathu Disco Lyric

Posted by Javakid On 10:47 PM
Rabbit.mac (Intro)

Hi, hello, how do you do?
Welcome to tha dance floor,
Let me tell you, what to do, because (i am a disco dancer)
They call me mista Rabbit, rockaboy Sheezay,
Now everybody dance common, everybody move now

Sheezay (Verse 1)

Im gonna dance like a disco dancer,
Kambathuleh number one hip hopper,
Oorenggum kethu paaru, makkeh im a hustla,
Y'all people know how we do this s*** rite,
Everybody dance now im tha dj,
Psycho.unit rapper boy Sheezay,
If you gotta boy friend please don't worry,
But if you have one, yo bro im sorry.

Malaysia are you ready?
Bangkok you ready?
Capetown are you ready?
Amsterdam you ready?
Chennai are you ready?
Hollywood are you ready?
Tokyo i know you ready !!! 
Everybody rock with Psycho.unit Sheezay !!!


I am a disco dancer, kambathu rapper, State 9 hustla,
Rap like soru, flow like rassam,
Call me Sheezay, naan romba awesome,
Call the dj, mandai suthutu, Ooru poora unit peru therikuthu,
Boys and gals, kavalaya maranthu, Thalai therikka nee aadu, paadu,
Party, party, party,Veethuleh, paathi yesinalum party,
Kita party sampai pagi, hahaha, Please dont worry,
ABCD ungga appan thaadi, vantha vaadi, im gonna party,
Afta party yen kooda vaadi, morning vantha veethuku podi,

EVERYBODY SOLLU, kadalayeh illaya !!!!!!!!


Hickory dickory dock, its all about my clock,
tick...tick...tick mani aachi panandu clock,
aaaahhh santhiboo santhiboo ganthiboo,
Ponnu saamanthi poo poleh manakutho,
munjileh, manjaleh, poosithu,
nenjileh, saanjithu, ennai nee katthiko,
Kambathu disco dancer, venam baby romba danger,
Murukku maathiri sutthi aadureh, belly dancer,
Clap clap clap kambathu, clap clap clap kaingaleh,
Shake shake shake iduppu, shake shake shake adupu, (X2)

Rabbit (bridge)

Im from the ghetto, f*** you on tha dance floor,
And if you wanna get your p**** crack,
do your thing right on me baby,
We make them b****** go crazy,
and if you wanna rap with Sheezay, gal you gotta be my lady.


Goncang goncang everybody, goncang goncang on the floor (X4) 

Contents by Sheezay Psycho.Unit
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