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Album : Psychomantra's Punithamana Thulasi Album
Artist : Psychomantra, Big Syze, Haze Freaky G, Sri Rascol, Saint TFC & Benny Diamond, Lil Harsh, Joslyn (USA), Stylomannavan Superfly, Sheezay Psycho.Unit, Kash Villanz, Reshmonu, Darkkey, Crank KS ( CultureShock ), Dr Sakthi, Krush KRZ, Balan Kashmir, Rabbit Psycho.Unit, Addwind ChorusHook, Bionic Asura & Deejay Gan.
Mastering by : Privand Raj
Beat by
: Deejay Gan
Production : CultureShock Records
Psychomantra's Facebook Page : PsychoMantra Official Page

Its the most awaited album of the year. A nation wide release! So, Don't missed it guys.

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Punithamana Thulasi Album TrackList
  1. Intro
  2. Mahatma Kirukkan Feat Big Syze
  3. Nippaatu Feat. Haze Freaky G & Sri Rascol
  4. Facebook Azhagi
  5. Piriyaatha Varam Feat. Saint TFC & Benny Diamond
  6. Yennai Vetchikka Feat. Lil Harsh & Joslyn (USA)
  7. Cheers!!
  8. Karisal Kaatu Kuyil Feat Stylomannavan Superfly, Sheezay Psycho.Unit & Kash Villanz
  9. Forever Yours Feat. Reshmonu
  10. Aadi Vaa Feat. Darkkey & Crank KS ( CultureShock )
  11. Railey Railey Feat. Dr Sakthi & Krush KRZ
  12. Kuchi Kuchi raakamma Feat. Balan Kashmir
  13. A Cup of Coffee Feat. Saint TFC & Benny Diamond
  14. Sollu Maame Psycho Feat. Rabbit Psycho.Unit
Bonus Tracks

15. Sikkikollu
16. Pakkattu Veetu Paapu
17. Miscall Mayakkam Feat. Addwind ChorusHook & Bionic Asura
18. Piriyatha Varam ( Deejay Gan ClubMix )

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