23 +1 - Malaysia Tamil Short Movie ( Film )

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Short Movie (Film) : 23 + 1
Casting : Leshven Nair as Anand, Sameer as Vicky, Vinash as Prakaash
Camera : Soma
Music : Radhan, Chennai
Editing: Soma & Sameer
Written & Directed by : Soma
Produced by : W4V Production
Year : 2010

Film Summary :
Anand, 23years old, staying wit his friend Vicky. Hee discovers something mystery on his 23rd birthday. He can see some visuals which he cannot understand. The visuals continued for 3days. The 3rd day he saw a visuals about him in his office. The next day it happens as how he saw in his visual. A guy name, Prakaash (Guru of Powers) explain to him about his visuals and his superpower....

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P.S. This Short Film posted for PROMOTIONAL purpose only. Watch it and support our young Malaysian Indian movie makers. Buy original CD/DVD & support local artist.
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