Short Movie (Film) : Venmai @ While ( Based on a true story )
Cast : Vishwa, Jeyashree, Ashok Khan, Mahendra, Sivaguru
Screenplay : Indra & Bala
Dialogue : Ashok & Indra
Editing & Effects : Bala
Casting : Bala & Sivenesh
Art Direction : Mahen
Story : K. Indra
Directed by : S.Balachandran
Produced by : Bala & Indra
Label : ShaKma Production
Year : 2007

Venmai was done in a very low budget and the complete shooting of Venmai was done in 14 hours without any prior rehearsal. Some of the actors were also selected in the estate and trained on the spot. Some of the actual facts have been altered for dramatical purposes. Venmai was shot on December 25th 2006.

Film Summary : Venmai is a short film inspired by a true story about a young girl's sexual torment in an estate due to modern day bonded slavery.

**English subtitles included

P.S. This Short Film posted for PROMOTIONAL purpose only. Watch it and support our young Malaysian Indian movie makers like S. BalaChandran. Buy original CD/DVD & Support local artist
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