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Telemovie : I, Love
Casting : Shathis a.k.a Rumethis ( Never Ending Love fame ), Meha, Bravin, Mugilan, Ramesh
Story, & Screenplay : Prakash Parthipan a.k.a Kash
Music : Kadhal Viruz, 2santh ( Germany ), Rajbavan, Vernon G Segaram ( London ), Elsyum ( Sri Lanka )
Directed by : Prakash Parthipan a.k.a Kash
Produced by : GXstudios in association with Cozmo Clan Production

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i,Love movie was a 100% college student’s effort. The movie was fully shot around Klang Valley and nearly 80% in Cosmopoint College Klang. With a fresh star cast and with unexperienced crew, iLove was more like a dream until it became a reality when the movie was released in 14th February 2009 as an Valentine’s release. The movie earn a massive attention among youngsters across Malaysia, Singapore, German & London.


" An art of love based on knowledge and experience "
i,Love is a college love story set in youth lifestyle. The movie comes across a college student’s life and how “Love” starts to blossom in his life and how it effects him. As an invitation of Love knocks his door in his life, some names it fate and some says it’s coincidence, but whatever it is, something unusual yet so special, perhaps the meaning of his life, in short DESTINY is found for Sathis. But, what’s next? What awaits for him in the future? Is he ready for it? Could it be something he expected? OR could it be a thrilling suspense for him to enjoy the thrill as it unfolds one by one? OR could it be an unexpected TRAGIC?

i,Love Teaser

i,Love Official Trailer

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